Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Sometimes, when a long-standing character finally gets an action figure, even if they've been waiting years for it, collectors can still feel pangs of regret if they don't get a preferred look for said character. A superhero--or heroine--could have dozens of outfits or variations over the years, but only get one plastic incarnation. Ask some fans about "safari jacket" Wonder Man, or '80's Outback/video game Dazzler. Today, we've got the brand new Marvel Legends X-Men Polaris, who features a somewhat modernized version of her best-known costume. And looks positively thrilled about it. Seriously, she seems a bit glum.

I liked Polaris's first X-Factor uniform, but I think the only Marvel Legend in that era's style would be Quicksilver. Probably not finishing that lineup any time soon.

We're referencing an old bit of continuity, from 1976's X-Men #97, when the Shi'ar agent using the alias Eric the Red (which had been previously been used by Cyclops!) abducted and brainwashed Havok and Polaris to fight the X-Men. It's a great fight there, although I'm not sure Eric the Red's storyline was resolved that cleanly.

Also, it took me a bit to balance, but Juggernaut is standing on Wolverine's back in the third picture--but he's blocked by Alex and Lorna!


SallyP said...

Lorna has always seemed a bit on the cranky side to me.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha ha, nice one you lucky lucky dog.
I just saw they put out the new GoTG figures out at my Walmart. Didn't have the funds to get em, but since i just got paid, hopefully they'll still be there. They only had one each of Starlord, Yondu, Nova and Major Victory.