Friday, February 03, 2017

No offense to the guy that plays Mon-El.

Last year's season finale for Supergirl wrapped with a mysterious pod arriving from Krypton; Supergirl opens it up, to discover...we wouldn't find out until next season, but I was hoping for Streaky. Supergirl's super-powered cat would've brought a lot of crazy to the table. Anyway, turns out it was Mon-El in the pod. That's pretty good. I guess.

Huh, looking it up, Streaky lost his powers before I was even born: he got powers from "Kryptonite-X," accidentally created by Supergirl while looking for a cure to Kryptonite. In 1971's Superman #233 all the Kryptonite on earth was turned into inert iron (because at that point, every gangster and his mom had some) and poor Streaky was left powerless. Still, I mainly remember him from Legion of Super-Heroes stories with the Legion of Super-Pets. They had a dog, a cat, a monkey and a horse that all had at least most of Superman's powers, and a shapeshifting blob to boot! The LSH was maybe two members away from a complete beating...look, in continuity, I don't think 99 super-teams out of a hundred could beat the Super-Pets. "They have all of Superman's powers! And they're biting!"

Anyhow, got the Darwyn Cooke Supergirl the other day, and while she's pretty swell, Krypto and Streaky sold it for me. K & S had been part of a box set with Superboy and Supergirl, all appropriately Silver Age-style, but I missed that one. These are pretty great, with the added bonus of making me want to re-read New Frontier.

Missed the other day out sick--do I get sick a lot? The Wife thought so, and, hmm, maybe. Couldn't even drag myself to the computer, and not so sure about now, either. Take some vitamin C and call it, we'll try again next week!


SallyP said...

You just can't go wrong with the super pets. And don't forget Comet, the Super Horse!

Barbecue17 said...

This is a very tempting set both because of the cool Supergirl and the super pets. I really liked that this series expanded last year. I love the Harley and Catwoman from this series. The Darwyn Cooke series has been really nice.