Thursday, February 23, 2017

Another unlucky break for Sunfire...

After I picked up the new Sunfire Marvel Legend, I did a bit of checking: first, Sunfire had not come up on the blog very often, although we did see his Age of Apocalypse figure at least once. Also, conveniently, the other day OAFE featured a review of the old, pre-Legends, Toy Biz Sunfire that came with the Giant-Sized X-Men box set. I have it, if not handy, but I noticed something from the Sunfire pictures: the old figures arms and legs were textured, indicating chainmail. Which the new figure maybe could've used; since Hasbro has those parts: Green Goblin and Hobgoblin just used them! Although, a quick image search popped up some pictures from Sunfire's recent stint with the Unity Squad in Uncanny Avengers, where he didn't seem to have the chainmail texturing sometimes seen before, possibly because he would be standing next to Captain America's chainmail shirt.

I noticed that while I was checking the old figure's left hand, which is open-palmed like a slap or a karate chop. Or a wave, as Sunfire left the X-Men immediately after the new team's first mission; which was like leaving a team on the verge of winning championships for several years. In 1998, Sunfire would appear with the new super-team Big Hero Six--but wouldn't go on to appear in their 2014 Disney movie! Man, the guy doesn't seem to catch a break, which might explain why he's such a jerk.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Lucky bastard. Well you are for finding him already, him not so much apparently. Yeah I saw that same review, and it reminded of all the times after first seeing the set show up in an old Wizard that I passed on it. Same with that old Avengers boxset.

Ha ha, that Big Hero 6 movie. Sunfire was the only big known name and he gets left out if it? Goddamn.