Friday, April 10, 2009

"Test yours today!"

I know traditionally you should test your fire alarms when you change your clocks forward or back for daylight savings time; but if you haven't, well, now's good. Well, maybe not now now, it's like five in the morning. But soon, 'kay?

Anyway, the other day I picked up Sunfire there--the angry guy with the dot, yeah--for $5.99 at a Ross. He was originally a Hasbro online exclusive, I believe, but the last of them are going to clearance stores. Not a bad figure, but I don't know a lot about Sunfire: of course, he was one of the second batch of X-Men but only briefly, the figure is based on his redesign for the Age of Apocalypse that's somehow become his current look, and his default personality trait is total asshole.

What the hell do you suppose these guys smell like, though? Jack O'Lantern's flame is some kind of special effect; and he probably smells more like metal and explosives than anything. Firestorm, I don't know if that's really burning, but it probably smells like radiation. Ditto Sunfire. The Ghost Riders smell like leather, motorcycles, and the torments of the damned. Johnny Storm smells like a campfire made of Axe body spray samples. And there has got to be like no oxygen in that room.

Anyway, possibly maybe something else later. Unless I'm busy. Sorry. Busy actually reading comics. I was going to get the new Mike Grell Warlord #1, but my local shop sold out! They'll get more, but check out Doomkopf, it's their Book of Doom this week! Instead, I got another copy of the relaunch, Warlord #10. That was the last issue, and I've said this elsewhere: that series started with a lot of potential. The last issue has sweet Phil Winslade art. It is also one of the most terrible single issues, ever. I think I have three copies of it, which is a substantial portion of the press run, but I'm keeping them from falling into the wrong hands...maybe. Let me think about that one, and we may even take a look at it. Knives out.


SallyP said...

That's a lot of very hot men in that room. And Johnny Storm TOTALLy smells like Axe.

Someone break out the marshmallows and popcorn!

Sky_of_Blue said...

>>What the hell do you suppose these guys smell like, though?<<

Well, together, they probably smell like a tire fire at a junkyard. ;-)