Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From Flash & Green Lantern: the Brave and the Bold #2, "Lightspeed" Written by Mark Waid and Tom Peyer, art by Barry Kitson. Loved this limited series, and this issue guest-stars Kid Flash, a.k.a. Kid Lantern. After Black Hand and Mirror Master attack, Wally gets his speed drained, and Hal, who may have been trying to showboat a bit, gives Wally a power ring and costume. (Technically, it's a ring-generated ring tapping off Hal's ring; something Green Lanterns can do but don't very often...)

So I liked this series, but the returns of Hal Jordan and Barry Allen really haven't done much for me. Why is that? Could be it is too much like looking back instead of going forward. Maybe I feel like Wally or Kyle or any other GL or Flash has earned a shot at the title. Or that Hal and Barry are a little less interesting as characters than their replacements. Perhaps titles exactly like this one wrote a good finish to Hal and Barry's stories for me. Could be any of these, a combination, or something else; and I'm certainly not angry they're back...just not excited. Today, anyway.

That said, new Green Lantern and JLA strip tomorrow, that relates to this page a bit. Maybe more on this then.


SallyP said...

This was a fun little story, and I do have to say that Kitson draws an awfully pretty Hal.

I'm beginning to think that Wally and I are the only ones glad that Barry's back.

Pete said...

I'm withholding judgment on Barry's return until I see what Rebirth does with Wally.

Fact is, though, Barry was always a little too straight-arrow for me. Wally has a little more personality, and he's really grown into his own as a character; the move is akin to Dick Grayson taking the Robin mantle back from Tim. It just doesn't feel right.