Tuesday, April 21, 2009

He looks a little smug there, but you would kinda have to be to pull that outfit off...

From Random Happenstance

I messed up downloading this one, so I had to get it out of my web album. Ah, well. From Marvel Adventures Hulk #5, reprinted in Hulk: Misunderstood Monster; "Bruce Banner and the Half-Monkey Prince" Written by Paul Benjamin, pencils by David Nakayama, inks by Gary Martin.

First, a quick tip for any fans of Marvel's all-ages (less continuity, more fun) books: Target had some of their collections on sale, 50% off; $2.49 each for this one, an Iron Man book, or others. They're always fun reads, and if you don't take to them, you can always pass them on to a younger reader. Unless you're a hording bastard, I guess.

Second, I've had Dr. Strange in mind for a bit here, partly because I have that strip starring Doctors Doom and Strange finally coming up tomorrow, but also because several bloggers have been doing some right fine posts with him lately: we'll start with a recent addition to the sidebar, The Defenders Fansite, where I'm going to be doing a mess of research shortly. I have read a ton of Defenders--but not, oddly, all of the Steve Gerber issues. I think I like the idea of the Defenders more than the actual execution sometimes...that, and I'm still waiting on a Valkyrie action figure.

Next, check out MightyGodKing: following his great series of "Why I should write the Legion of Super-Heroes" posts, MGK is turning his attention to Dr. Strange, and it would make for a great comic.

Sanctum Sanctorum Comix has been looking away from Dr. Strange for a moment, but it's OK, it's to check out ROM. Fun fact: I still have never even seen a ROM figure in person! Sanctum and Sea are too kind to rub my nose in it...

And over at The Weekly Crisis, they had a good idea for who should be the next Sorcerer Supreme: I like it, even though I don't think that character would necessarily be qualified or good at the position, but of course he's a favorite, and the scrambling to make it work would be the fun of it.

All right, I need to take a bit and do some, "research." So should you.


Anonymous said...

I have a ROM, and I am rubbing it in.

No neutralizer, translator, or analyzer, but what can you expect for less than two dollars? Apparently working electronics.

Yes. I am bragging. I'm sorry

~P~ said...

Hey googum,

PTOR of Sanctum Sanctorum Comix here.

I just thought, as a service to your readers, I'd provide a direct link to the big ROM post that I had put up on my blog:


Not the ONLY Rom post, mind you, but it IS the one wherein I show off the item, give a complete write up AND provide audio and video clips of the ROM "doll" in use.

Anonymous said...