Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today's pulse-pounding senses-shattering action-packed Star Trek panel:

Admittedly, this is like all my fetishes in one panel. A hot nurse, in a Starfleet miniskirt, with a phaser rifle. Look, I'm not made of goddamn stone, all right? From Star Trek: Early Voyages #11, "The Fallen, part two" Written by Ian Edginton and Dan Abnett, pencils by Michael Collins, inks by Greg Adams. You know, I liked this series so much, I think it's why I didn't care as much for Enterprise: although in the continuity, it was set prior to "The Cage," it didn't have the same design sense. Not just female officers in miniskirts and beehives (although, that couldn't have hurt...) but the look of the bridge equipment, hand weapons, etc. Would Enterprise have been more successful with those? No one can say...but Enterprise has never gotten a comic book. Make of that what you will. Hey, is anyone adapting the new Trek movie? Or is that passe?