Monday, April 27, 2009

"Taskpool, part 1"

Taskmaster recently appeared in the Deadpool/Thunderbolts crossover "Magnum Opus," and coincidentally, was disguised as Deadpool there! It also continues a proud tradition of Tasky almost being a different person every time he shows up in that book: this time around, he seems less antagonistic to Wade, but not quite buddy-buddy, since it's very obvious Tasky is there for the money. (And if he can shaft Wade so he can be the one to hit on the Black Widow, so much the better!)

Where is Deadpool? Geez, where isn't Deadpool? Currently or coming soon, he's got a regular series, a limited, a smattering of one-shots, and another ongoing? Really?

Admittedly, Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth does look pretty funny: check out the CBR interview with writer Victor Gischler. Marvel really banking on Wolverine: Origins catapulting Wade into household name status? Because unless Ryan Reynolds wears the red suit and does a musical number while simultaneously in the middle of a John Woo-style shootout; I don't know if I see that happening. I really doubt Deadpool (if Wade is even what we know as "Deadpool" in the movie) is going to get the big scene-stealing moment that fans seem to expect. Movie Deadpool isn't likely, from first impressions and vile speculation, to be the character that is going to turn average non-comic reading moviegoers into Wednesday buyers.

And yet, from the solicits, Marvel seems to want to churn out Deadpool books like he's the second coming of Wolverine. I mean, I don't remember Ghost Rider, the Fantastic Four, or even Iron Man getting this sort of push; and they were actually the stars of movies. I think a lot of people like Deadpool, but it hasn't always translated into sales. Is Marvel counting on fan goodwill, somehow? Like him being in a movie will be a reminder to pick up Deadpool comics, like a note on the fridge?

Then I suppose it comes down to whether the comics are any good or not, and I don't think anyone expects a Deadpool comic to reinvent the wheel. Well...maybe. Deadpool certainly wasn't the first character to break the third wall, not by a long shot; but he brought it back, didn't he? (She-Hulk fumbled that ball, and Wade picked it up and kept it.) I may have to consider that for a bit.

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Siskoid said...

Marvel's fourth wall, maybe.

DC's has been down for a while thanks to Superman winks, Ambush Bug, Animal Man and Zatanna (to name a few).

Ace said...

"Marvel seems to want to churn out Deadpool books like he's the second coming of Wolverine. " - I quoted that in Twitter, with a link. So if you get, like, two visitors more than usual, that's my doing and I expect compensation.

Or... Maybe, think about me? Or think about England? At least?

I'm so lonely...

hehe... Tasky... What would Deadpool be without you?


SallyP said...

The burping and scratching are SO perfect.

googum said...

I had to contemplate that for a moment--I need to read more Ambush Bug, but Animal Man and Zatanna don't get the joie de vivre in their fourth wall smashing: AM's usually freaking out, and Zat's calling for help, right? Hmm.

Thanks for the link! Anything that drags readers in is appreciated, up to and including physically dragging readers in, which it may come down to.

Hey, Tasky's whole job it copying, so he better get it right! I've recently become convinced if Deadpool somehow gets a spinoff movie, Taskmaster is going to be right behind him...

Siskoid said...

Right. Morrison plays it straight where it's always been cheeky. Cue the cosmic angst.

But Ambush Bug? Guy's loony as they come.

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