Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well, I think I see how that war lasted like five million years...

Not to tell you guys how to do your jobs or fight your war, but COME ON!  He's right there!  Aim, for god's sake!
Cover to Transformers Universe #2 by Herb Trimpe, Akin and Garvey. Found a little pile of cheap comics, replacing ones I had and lost, including G.I. Joe Yearbook #3. Man, I wish the market would support those again: it recaps a bunch of issues, has another silent ninja story, and probably the best Serpentor story ever.

Also, in this issue, each little Handbook-style entry has a defining quote from each Transformer, kind of like your yearbook, except usually more violent. And Megatron's quote? "Everything is fodder." Not really one for coming up with something on the spot, eh? Or maybe they asked him to sign it before lunch.


SallyP said...

Wait, there was a GOOD Serpentor story?

Ace said...

Man, those Transformers need some sort of computer-aided aiming system in their heads, or something. Maybe some sort of optical lens that zooms, targets... Like Robocop.