Monday, February 20, 2017

I can't help but notice Pietro isn't racing to help Dane.

I know I had this issue when it came out, but I can't remember if either I didn't read the conclusion, or if it wasn't very satisfying. Still, today we've got 1992's Avengers #350, "Repercussions" Written by Bob Harras, pencils by Steve Epting, inks by Tom Palmer.

After the Operation: Galactic Storm crossover--OK, I have to take a second here: so that crossover took its name from 1991's Operation Desert Storm, and I'm hoping Marvel doesn't go back to current events for their crossover titles, since I really don't want to see one about fake news or Benghazi or something. Anyway, at the conclusion of that crossover, a splinter group of Avengers killed the Kree's Supreme Intelligence, for its role in the war that cost billions of lives. Some of the Kree were still steamed about that, even if they were in no position to seek revenge. So a former Kree general sees about hiring out the Starjammers! Or at least half of them, Raza and Hepzibah. Hepzibah is more than willing to take two million credits for the death of the Black Knight; but Raza takes a bit more persuading: the Kree offer the whereabouts of his missing son.

Meanwhile, on earth, Professor X and Cyclops were having a conference with the Avengers, regarding the Acolytes: with Magneto believed dead at the time, it was feared they may see his grandaughter Luna an embarrassment, since she was human. Though their relationship had been through ups and downs, her parents Crystal and Quicksilver were united in doing whatever was necessary to protect her. Also at this meeting: former Avenger and former Starjammer (and future Captain Marvel) Carol Danvers, then going by the name Binary. They find the Starjammers' surprise visit a pleasant surprise, although Cyclops has to take his dad Corsair aside to talk "about Maddie and Nathan," which should take them out of the story for about three days.

For his part, Black Knight Dane Whitman was being a broody grump; since he had feelings for Crystal and would've been just fine if her marriage fell apart. He also was having a lot of guilt over the Supreme Intelligence's death, but none of that stops Sersi from making a pass at him. A rather serious pass: she was usually flirty and flighty, but this would start a triangle that would go on for years. Oops, that's a spoiler, especially since Raza seems to have murdered Dane here, and now Hercules was going to avenge his teammate!

Also this issue: a forgettable short with Luna's Inhuman nanny, Marilla (who would be straight-up murdered by Iron Man in the Crossing) and a reprint of Avengers #53, "In Battle Joined" Written by Roy Thomas, pencils by John Buscema, inks by George Tuska. I'm having trouble picturing a time when Strawberry Alarm Clock was a timely cultural reference.


Dale Bagwell said...

I had this one too. I liked the golf out cover, and the reprint story wasn't too bad either. I never did follow up with this storyline though with the Starjammers, but obviously Dane survived his intended assassination. I don't know about you, but I enjoyed Harras' run on the Avengers, and the Steve Epting art didn't hurt either. What about you? Did you get into his run or hit and miss?

googum said...

You know, at the time, I didn't read Avengers regularly. Which is weird, since I know I was trying to finish up a collection of the reprint book Marvel Triple Action! I had a few random issues with shiny covers, maybe part of the Crossing, and the last issue of the regular run; but I wouldn't read it regularly until...ugh...Heroes Reborn. I stuck through the 13 issues of that, then Waid/Perez started up, and everything was good. (Actually, I really did like the four-part Wildstorm mash-up at the end of Heroes Reborn.)

Dale Bagwell said...

Waid/Perez? You mean Busiak and Perez right? Ha ha. I know it didn't age well at all, but i was definitely into the whole Crossing arc even if the ending sucked and then we had Young Iron Man, which also sucked. I followed all the Heroes Reborn books, some more than other like Avengers, FF, and Iron Man for awhile, before giving up. They were OK for the time, but they too did not age well.