Friday, February 17, 2017

It felt like a couple weeks since any big purchases, and like it was going to be a long dry spell before Toy Fair 2017. So of course a pile shows up this week! First, the complete Sandman wave from Wal-Mart. I suspected I was going to like it, but I love the Spidey 2099! And the Marvel Legends seem to have bumped up their shoulder articulation a notch--it was on the three-pack movie Spider-Man as well, and great range there.

Next, we got the Marvel Select Destroyer from the Comic Book Shop! Whoa, doggie, he's a right hefty piece of plastic! I wasn't going to display it with the included Odin head, but even it has a satisfying weight to it. Then, from Hasbro Toy Shop, the Star Wars Black Princess Leia! Which is apparently sold out there now, maybe; but they had a sale going last I checked.

Then, the price on the DC Multiverse Suicide Squad Katana and Joker dropped on Amazon--crap, they may even be cheaper now! And that got me the final pieces for Killer Croc! Let's see...Katana and Joker were $24, $8 for Captain Boomerang, $5 each for Batman, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot; so a total of $47 for Croc. That's down from the $120 retail it was supposed to be (at $20 a pop) but he feels tiny compared to the Build-a-Figure Sandman!

Granted, Sandman was a closer to full price $133--seven figures! I do rather wish Star Wars Black would consider a Build-a-Figure, Collect-and-Connect. Meanwhile, I did see a couple of the new Guardians of the Galaxy figures the other day: Angela and Yondu. They were full price, but still very tempting; yet I held out since I really wanted the new Star-Lord and Darkhawk. We'll see what we see over the weekend, good luck to those of you looking as well! (Unless you're in my neighborhood, I guess!)


Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah I really need Kamela Khan and Spider-Man 2099 to finish up my Sandman BAF, but I also need the Iron Skull, Eel, MCU Scarlet witch, and Cap to finish up my Abomination BAF as well. I heard Texas got the new X-MEN wave in and reports of that GoTG wave too. Someone said they'll be put out as early as March 1st, but Amazon says March 24th. We'll see.

SallyP said...

Whoa, I just got the Destroyer figure, and you're right... it is indeed hefty. I did immediately put the Odin head on it though... now my Thor and Loki figures can chase him.