Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I wrote this a couple weeks ago, before going to see Black Panther; and I was glad to see a somewhat less ruthless T'Challa: in the comics, he could sometimes be singleminded in his defense of Wakanda. His country and people came first; even at the cost to others. I also wrote this when I got the figures for Okoye and Nakia, before seeing them in the movie, so they don't quite line up, but go with it.

I know Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman were exploring the multiverse after Secret Wars, but I don't think they were barred from earth or too far away to get back or anything. Plus, we had that figure from recently, so yeah.


SallyP said...

So nice to see Sue!

googum said...

I just pictured Sue and Ben like the rest of U2 in that Simpsons episode...Reed will start on about science, and Sue will roll her eyes and declare she's going to sneak out for a drink. Johnny will ask if he can come to and Ben and Sue will agree, no.

Dale Bagwell said...

^Pretty much.
It really is nice to see Sue. Did you hear the news that Ben and Johnny are supposed to be losing their powers? Something to do with the fact Fox is making another attempt at making another FF movie?

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