Wednesday, February 07, 2018


Way, WAY back; actually the second Pool & Kurt strip, the guys complain about Kate Hudson. I'm sure she's nice and everything, but every one of her movies that I've seen has hurt me, badly. Has Katherine Heigel done that many rom-coms?...Are there even rom-coms anymore? It seemed like they had been replaced by young adult-lit adaptations. Anyway.

Also way, way back, in actual Marvel continuity, Black Cat used to have legit bad luck powers, given to her by the Kingpin. Or his scientists...somehow. This is one of those things where they didn't even try to give a comic book science explanation; it was that far out there. When Cat only acted defensively, she was virtually unstoppable, as bad luck would take out her attackers in far-fetched and often amusing ways. Attacking negated her power, though; and for good measure it was having an adverse affect on her then-boyfriend, Spider-Man. I like the idea of Felicia being unbeatable on D, though...


Dale Bagwell said...

Oh I'm sure she's VERY unbeatable when it comes to the "D" ;)
Cute strip man. Can't wait to see that Bachelorette party skit. I'm sure there'll be as many female villain figures as you can fit in the frame ;)

Heigel's mainly washed up after all those rom-com movies she made bombed. That and her missy prissy attitude and reputation is NOT helping her at the moment.

SallyP said...

Oh, this is comedy GOLD!