Wednesday, December 05, 2018


Bortles is the Jacksonville Jaquars quarterback, and they are just getting spanked by my Cowboys as I write this! (Almost two months ago! He may even be benched as of now.) Dickson is the Seattle Seahawks punter, and I'm not sure he had a punt all day today. I don't play fantasy football, but if that's your thing go nuts. I don't think anyone actually picks punters, though. Sasquatch, per Wikipedia, played for Green Bay...that's what it says, but "citation needed," I'm not positive about that.

How the Lizard plans on fitting his wide hide down a manhole, I'm not sure...


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Another solid side skit here.
Damn dude, I didn't know you completed those Sasquatch AND Lizard BAF figures. Crazy. That Lizard looks damn good though. Have you bought anymore of the Apocalypse wave?

SallyP said...

That is a great Ant Man figure by the way. The smirk is perfect.