Tuesday, February 12, 2019

I really enjoyed the 2015 Omega Men series, but I was not well-versed in their earlier appearances. The only ones I could think of were their turn in Invasion, in which several of them die; and the 2004-2005 Adam Strange, in which at least a few of them die, only because there weren't enough left for a larger bloodbath. Still, there were a lot of them to begin with; as we see today! From 1981, Green Lantern #141, "The Lurkers in the Shadow" Written by Marv Wolfman, art by Joe Staton.

Carl Ferris has returned to take charge of Ferris Aircraft, complaining that his daughter Carol had been running it into the ground and should've been a son anyway. (He's over-the-top awful, even for the time.) Hal nearly quits, but Carol talks him into trying to find another job first, and Hal fails rather miserably: his spotty employment history coupled with a psych profile indicating fearlessness--or recklessness--makes him too risky a hire in a down economy. Frustrated, Carol suggests they take a vacation, which goes pretty well, until they find a small town with no gas, no phone, and two weird citizens--one of whom transports them a hundred miles away!

Hal changes to Green Lantern for the rematch, and Carol refuses to let him leave her behind; and they find more townspeople, now revealed as a variety of aliens! Their leader indicates they should save their strength "to combat the hunters!" but of course it turns into a brawl. When Carol is threatened by the shape-shifting Tigorr, GL rushes to her defense--and gets dropped. In fact, Tigorr figures there must be something to Carol, then, and claims her as his own! Kalista and Primus try to hold for peace, but Demonia claims the humans could be as bad as something called, "the Citadel," and should die!

I think six Omega Men are named this issue, and we don't know their whole deal yet: I don't know if the Citadel or anything had appeared in Hawkman or Teen Titans prior to this. Also this issue: an Adam Strange back-up.

(EDIT: Tomorrow's issue of Supergirl, unless you're snowed in, features the Omega Men! I don't know if it's strictly based on the continuity of the 2015 series, but it mentions the return of some deceased Omega Men. May have to check it!)


SallyP said...

Oh Hal.

Sadly, this is just the sort of thing that always happens whenever he goes on vacation.

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

^Isn't it though?

I'm just not buying Hal being taken out so easily here, near kick to the dick or not. He's supposed to have one of the galaxy's greatest weapons on his finger, and gets jobbed out hard regardless? Naaaw. I get Wolfman's trying to add drama and doubt that Hal could win, but it just doesn't seem all that believable to me.

And the award for World's worst father has to go to Carl Ferris. Jesus, that was brutal.