Friday, May 24, 2019

A DC comic from the last two years? I wasn't expecting that, but they randomly fall in my lap sometimes. From (December) 2017, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #30, "Mind Games, part one: Rude Awakening" Written by Robert Venditti, art by Patrick Zircher.

From planet Mogo in Space Sector Zero, John Stewart has to dispatch a Green Lantern to earth: Kyle and Guy want the gig, but it goes to the "favorite," as Guy puts it: Hal Jordan. John has two reasons for sending Hal, though: he's investigating the return of Sinestro, and needs to check with a witness--none other than Superman! As Supes explains, in his comic he had faced Parallax and an injured Sinestro, and managed to take Sin's ring and imprison Parallax inside it. Impressive, but Hal is skeptical. Scanning the yellow ring, he doesn't find Parallax inside; possibly because the fear entity is inside Superman!

Or is he? After a seven-plus page fight scene, Hal gets knocked down, and Superman is back to normal: he hadn't been possessed, Hal may have been--but not by Parallax? Another painful telepathic message clarifies; it was a distress call from Hector Hammond! Who is surrounded by little yellow gremlins who look they're about to process his colossal noggin for something.

"Please be my hero, Hal Jordan!" You made it weird, Hector. Should've been fun, but you made it weird...Actually, despite his terrible showing in the Green Lantern movie, I have a soft spot for him, from his appearances in Green Lantern #200 and thereabouts.

This issue has an ad for Doomsday Clock, which would come out a little over a month later, yet somehow twenty more issues of this book, and at least seven of the Grant Morrison/Liam Sharp series that followed it, managed to come out before the end of Doomsday Clock! It was supposed to be twelve issues, 'monthly' may have just been a suggestion.

Meanwhile, nothing special today, but it's the thirteenth anniversary of the blog! Entirely too long. Can't quit now.

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Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

13th anniversary huh? Happy 13 years doing this man. Proud of you homie. You've definitely been of one the big influences on me doing my own blog, especially when it comes to creating skits. Looking forward to you keeping on doing this for however long you want.