Friday, August 10, 2007

Double wrong: In this case, it's not a double negative, just twice as far away from being right.
'Do you want to melt?' is a close second for coolness, though.
Ah, I was all set for Friday Night Fights for Bahlactus, then I took a nap and went to a barbecue and missed out! Maybe next week.

In the meantime, I had been thinking about the next issue of Nexus coming soon, and I've had the expression "Double wrong" stuck in my head for years. Kreed the Quatro, the one-eyed, four-armed gent above, was only in the series for a relatively short time, but he remains one of it's most memorable characters. This panels from Nexus #21, "The Battle of Ylum" written by Mike Baron, penciled by Steve Rude, inked by John Nyberg. (The next month was scheduled to be a fill-in issue, but that wasn't until the issue after, and it was a fill-in with Keith Giffen art, guest starring the Badger.)

I'm going to have to try to remember to check the sales figures, since I'm hoping the new run of Nexus picks up some readers. It's one of my favorite books ever, and I want it to be successful enough to keep going, and generate spinoffs and toys and cartoons and whatnot. I still wish the reprints were being done in a format more likely to get more readers, like an Essential-style or something.

The only other criticism I have so far, which may not be fair based on one issue, would be a request for more of the insane action/sci-fi aspects of the series. Like so:
Some might say these panels don't show off Baron's dialog skills, but I disagree vehemently.
Two kids vs. the Soviet Empire, and not a Red Dawn reference to be seen?
Fun, almost but not quite whimsical, since I generally hate whimsy something fierce.

I don't know if it's even a possibility, but I would love to see a Legendary Heroes Nexus figure. No offense to anyone, but he's way more deserving than Star or Stryker. Here's a design challenge, though: how could they make hands that could hold a weapon:That is one hell of a gun.
Yet still look good in the flat, 'zap' hand:
This calls for hyperspeed!
You'd sell at least one, guys...

Other panels from Nexus #22, "Implement of Destruction" Baron, Rude, and Nyberg again.

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SallyP said...

Gosh, I miss Nexus. That was good good stuff.