Tuesday, August 28, 2007

(Mostly) Off-topic: Not with my dogs.

Every time I think about it, I'm almost positive there's no way Michael Vick is ever going to be allowed to play in the NFL again. No way.
No jokes today, sorry.
And yet...I can't help but think he might be suspended for some time rather than permanently, probably because the NFL won't want to seem overly harsh on Vick, and also because he didn't admit to gambling on the dog fights. (The NFL's official line is 'gambling is bad,' probably worse than dogfighting. If you think about it, though, ask why there's an injury report before games then...) And some coach or franchise, hungry enough for wins that they're willing to take the slings and arrows of bad press and protesters, will give Vick another chance. Does he deserve it? Probably not. If not for the dogfighting, then for being outright stupid in squandering potentially millions playing football and signing endorsements.

Vick's crime has brought dog fighting to the forefront, and now lots of other areas across the country are realizing it's a problem there as well. This may sound counter-intuitive, but here's a horrible idea: I wonder if making dogfights illegal, and driving them underground, was a wise choice. Out of sight to the general public, and thus out of mind; yet for those who want it badly enough the fights are there and available. If dogfights were legal, they would be for all to see, and for all to rightfully distain them and those who went to or profited from them. It would get all the cockroaches out into the light were you can keep an eye on them; perhaps in some cases shaming them into quitting or getting help. (I was thinking in the same vein as prohibition or the war on drugs: driving dogfights underground has just made them more profitable and more attractive to the wrong sort of people.)

Unfortunately, that would be a long-term, social change; costing many dogs their lives in the hopes of changing people's minds. And even then, there would still be those drawn to it. It's a crappy idea that's just as bad as what we have now. So dogfights remain hidden, costing many dogs their lives. Hell.

This doesn't have a whole helluva lot to do with comics, except this story, which Marvel could probably earn some brownie points with by printing it up as a public service announcement: from Marvel Super Heroes vol.2 #12 (Winter 1992 Special), "Winging It" Written by Dwayne McDuffie, based on a plot by George McNeill, pencils by Marie Severin, inks by Vince Colletta and Bob Petrecca. Sadly, it tackles a topic I had never thought of before then, and may not have thought of again until last week.


Sleestak said...

What about the rights of dogs to fight to the death as nature intended?

googum said...

Well, OK. But no wagering, and you can't enjoy it.

In all seriousness, do wild, not raised in cages and taught to kill dogs, fight to the very end that often? Or do they fight until one gets hurt and scared and runs away?

This is hypocritical, I know: I have dogs and love them, so of course I'm against dogfighting. But I'm not as attached to chickens, so while I wouldn't go to one, I can't say I'd be as offended by a cockfight. The loser was probably getting eaten either way...

Doop said...

I have a question about Marvel Super-Heroes #12.

Does the story with the Falcon in your copy skip from page 33 to 36?

googum said...

Yeah, there's an ad for Sunset Riders there.