Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Huh. Not how I pictured World War Hulk ending, but OK...
Actually, I'd probably approve of this ending.  I'm sappy like that.
Ugh. Working a ton of overtime this week, the Wife hurt her back, I took the little dog ("Sugarpie," who isn't) for a walk and then the big dog peed on Sugarpie's chew toys in a jealous doggy rage. He's like a little sullen teen, I swear. So, it's not feeling like sunshine and lollipops over here, though admittedly it could be a lot worse.

This is from Spider-Man and Friends #1, which was attached to a shirt/shorts combo the wife picked up for the Youngest. At the time, he wasn't as into books as he has been lately, so I set it aside, until I bumped into it again yesterday cleaning up the aforementioned dog incident. The Youngest has been wandering around waving his brother's copy of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie for about a month, so we'll see if he's ready to try something else. Hey, Udon art! I loved that studio's early work on Deadpool and Agent X.

Good grief, I'm not even getting to the comic shop until Friday this week, either. I did pull my run of the Question out of the basement, though, and read the first seven before getting ready for bed. Chances are, something from that will turn up soon...

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