Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An (Imaginary) Solicit I'd Love to Write:
After laundry day, Pool's gonna look like the pink Power Ranger...
Deadpool/Moon Knight 2009: Deadpool may have finally hit rock bottom: friendless. Jobless. Broke, drunk, and thrown out of the worst bar in Jersey. But, at his lowest point, Pool sees a light, and finds...Khonshu? That's right, Moon Knight's former god picks Pool up, dusts him off, and gives him a new job: Avatar of Vengeance! Will Deadpool be able to deliver Khonshu's sermon of megaviolence? What does Moon Knight think of his replacement? And what is he going to do about it? ($3.99, 48 pages, Mature Readers.)

Khonshu, I will build a church in your honor, or punch a guy in your name, if you get Marvel to let me write this one.

We'd start with Pool at the bottom, not unlike Moon Knight at the start of his current series; but not so much broken physically but emotionally, mentally, and financially. Drunk as a lemur, the voices in his head and the cartoon hallucinations are out of control; until Khonshu gives Deadpool a clarity he's never had before. Possibly because there's only one extra voice rattling around in there now, but of course we'd leave it vague: is Khonshu really there, or is Deadpool imagining it? Some clues (or red herrings) would be left (like newspaper ads for a museum exhibit featuring a Khonshu-like statue) but either way, Pool gets himself a white-and-black version of his costume, and commences busting skulls in his new god's name.

Moon Knight's comic is in the tail end of "The Death of Marc Spector," so it might take some wiggling to cram this into continuity; but MK is currently on the outs with Khonshu. (In a recent issue, Mark begs for Khonshu's help, and he turns him down flat, saying he has other Fists.) Then, Mark gets word of the new Fist of Khonshu--not from his street-level sources like Crawley, but from YouTube, where Pool is administering rough justice/sermons for Khonshu.

In typical Deadpool fashion, it's loud, obnoxious, and insane; which means he's becoming a sensation and spreading Khonshu's name across the country. In one video, Pool demolishes a gang while delivering a Sesame Street inspired lesson on Khonshu for children, complete with a puppet Moon Knight: "V is for vengeance! A is for Anterior Ligament, as in, I just tore out both of this mook's! G is for Ghhhhhrrk! (punches said mook in the neck, with the puppet hand.)"

Mark tries to play it off like he doesn't care, but in reality he's like the cheerleader dumped two days before the prom. Then, as the curve of Pool's violence starts to escalate, and more Khonshu "worshippers" across the country start their own vigilante-beatings; Mark decides to step in. For his part, Khonshu is starting to push Deadpool further than he wants to go: Pool's slapstick beatings may humiliate his opponents, but Khonshu wants blood. And lots of it. When Pool questions Khonshu, Khonshu asks if he wants to go back to before, when he was good and crazy and the voices in his head almost drowned out his own.

It all leads up to the inevitable Deadpool vs. Moon Knight throwdown; but it becomes a fight neither one is sure they want to win. Pool has nothing against MK, and isn't sure if this Fist business is really for him; and MK doesn't really mean Pool any harm, nor is he positive he wants Khonshu back, if Khonshu is even talking to Pool anyway.

How does it end? Ah, that'd be telling. But this would be the sort of thing that would improve Deadpool's standing with other mercenaries, while blacklisting him with the superhero community; and could either make or break Moon Knight's status.

Also, reading some of the Marvel previews recently, someone pointed out that they seem to be building an almost Green Lantern-like corps of Ghost Riders. (As opposed to the completely Lantern-esque Nova Corps in Nova, which I'm looking forward to seeing.) Now, I haven't read Ghost Rider since the 90's, but it dawned on me: the Riders are spirits of vengeance, right? And who do we know that's a god of vengeance, hmm? Seems like there should be an Egyptian Ghost Rider...Knight.

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Ace said...

I would buy that and EVERY SINGLE VARIANT! It would have to be a Knights title, or at least have the "MATURE" label on it though...