Sunday, November 23, 2008

"World's Finest...Trinity."

Three's a crowd, but click to enlarge anyway.

This was going to be a much shorter strip, basically to the effect of DC's Trinity being completed...and nothing happening. Unlike some, I'm really not great at single panel gags. And Occasional Superheroine put the idea in my head that maybe Green Lantern should have Wonder Woman's spot in said Trinity. Y'know, I think I like "World's Finest" as a team-up name better.

I was wondering if there would be any reason for Supes, Bats, and Diana to just hang out; which then made me wonder why or if Supes and Bats would just hang out. Then again, Batman is probably on the job one way or another all day every day, and Clark just a little less than that: Clark spends at least some time with Lois, or his friends from the Daily Planet.

While most people probably don't think of Superman and Batman in terms of being just guys; consider them hanging out with Wonder Woman and you can start to see it. Diana is poised, confident, staggeringly beautiful, and kinda unattainable; and just seems like she'd be tiring to be around. Not through any fault of her own, but...look, guys, back me up on this: can you imagine anything more mortifying than farting around Wonder Woman?...sadly, yes, but you see my point. Hal at least is fearless, so he probably doesn't care if WW thinks less of him after hearing his Quagmire-like stories. Giggity!

Hmm. Just occurred to me that Family Guy's Quagmire and Green Lantern Hal Jordan are both pilots...still, for Clark and Bruce, Hal would probably be a lot of fun to hang out with, if only because Hal gets to have fun. Clark's got the weight of the world on his shoulders, and the responsibilities of a wife and maybe that Christopher kid? Is he still around? And Batman, even when he's acting the part of millionaire playboy, probably still doesn't enjoy himself. But, we'll have more thoughts on Diana, if I finish that other post. Better get started!


SallyP said...

You make a very valid point. Yes, Hal is a bit of an idiot sometimes, but I imagine that he WOULD be fun to hang out with! At least Barry and Ollie think so, and even John, Guy and Kyle seem to like pounding back a few with yeah, I can see Bats and Superman letting their hair down.

Wonder Woman would probably have a better time if she went shoe-shopping with Dinah and Vixen.

Christian Zamora said...

Heehee, this strip (or is there some different name for this kind of stories?) was just great. Poor Diana, she's just so darn boring these days. The dialogues were perfect. If Trinity was anything like this, I would definitely read it.