Wednesday, July 29, 2009

By 'patrol' I mean, kill time until a fight scene.

Do superheroes still go on patrol? I don't seem to see that very often anymore, but I may not be reading the books where the hero would--Spider-Man probably still does, sure; but I'm momentarily stumped as to who else would. Daredevil, maybe?

Since as a little kid, I listened to the Power Records record of "And a Phoenix shall arise" like a bazillion times (check it here and here; it's split into two posts, but I believe there's a link to the MP3 there as well.) in my head Cap and the Falcon went on rooftop patrol a bazillion times. How much crime did they see that wasn't someone with a grudge against Cap coming to pick a fight? I'm guessing not a ton, and they probably couldn't do that today anyway without being followed by a news helicopter and photographers and gawkers.

Since this is a short one, we'll have another one-panel bit later today.


Sea-of-Green said...

Wow, that's a good question. I assume the various members of the Batman family still go on patrol. Barry Allen currently appears to be patrolling ALL the TIME -- when he isn't caught up in some weirdness, that is.

In the Marvel Universe, I'll bet the Great Lakes Avengers go on patrol. Every night. ;-)

SallyP said...

Now that's funny. I can't really think of any other groups that go out on patrol either, although I'm sure that all the Bats do it. Spider-Man maybe?