Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well, it's a variant I'd buy.

I don't know if Star Wars: The Clone Wars has reached that point in the storyline yet--in fact, I'm pretty sure it hasn't--but there may be some good stories in the Clone Troopers during the switch from Republic to Empire. During the war, the Clones seemed to enjoy both camaraderie with the Jedis and their clone-brothers, and a bit of self-expression in their helmet and uniform markings. (Which coincidentally would translate into more action figures than just a basic trooper.)

Maybe Order 66 turned that off, and when the Clones killed the Jedi, they also killed their own free will and individuality. Perhaps that turned them into drones as they became the Stormtroopers. Maybe not, though: most of the Stormtroopers didn't seem as...capable, let's say, as the average Clone. I'd guess the Empire eventually ran out of Clones, and started using recruits.

I haven't bought a new Stormtrooper in ages, since it's been a couple of years since I've bought a Star Wars figure. Two of those are Han and Luke in disguise, and one has a plug in his back since he was the "Crowd Control Stormtrooper" and came with a giant leaf-blower looking thing.

I don't know what Moon Knight's clone tag would be. Punchy? I may have a longer strip planned for MK, if I come up with an ending for it, but that's a ways off.

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