Friday, July 24, 2009

An empty desk, to match my empty head...

Little secret: I don't mind 'clutter.'
...and with that, I'm out for the next week or so! There will still be posts up, I'll just be nowhere near them. And I'm not 100% sure what I set up, either; but we'll have another new strip on Wednesday, anyway.

How many figures and toys are in my happy little cube? Good question! I haven't done a headcount in a while; even though I'm positive I'd notice if something was missing. There are twenty-two Nightcrawler figures, at last count; ranging from action figures and Heroclix to lead figures to kids' meal toys from around the world. (I wish I was hardcore enough to be able to say, yeah, that Jolibee Nightcrawler toy from the Philippines? Bought it when I was there last, it's all eBay for the imports.)

The Thing, Spider-Man, Dr. Doom and Optimus Prime are all well represented as well. Not shown above, but just to the left of my phone, is the Masterpiece Optimus. Usually, he's giving me the thumbs up I so desperately need at work; but today he's holding Megatron on a minidisc. I don't know why either. At any rate, have a good weekend, and a good next week, and I'll be back soon enough!

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