Wednesday, February 03, 2010

"Escape is...well, yeah, possible, but..."

So Nightcrawler, Falcon, and probably Deadpool (if he wasn't drugged out of his mind...) could almost certainly escape the Village at any time; not unlike the Number Two's of both Prisoner series; but the trouble is that they keep getting taken back. Which, if done properly, would doubtless be even more demoralizing than just being stuck. Maybe.

Of course, in actual continuity, both Sam and Kurt would know a lot about their respective teams that they wouldn't want to divulge to just anybody. Then again, maybe they don't: Falcon wasn't given the A-list treatment when he was in the Avengers, so maybe they didn't give him the launch codes or anything. And Kurt probably doesn't get access to the Xavier Protocols or any of that nonsense, either. For our purposes, Sam and Kurt are straight-forward, unassuming...and possibly on the outs with their teams anyway.

Now, Wade would have intimate knowledge of the Weapon X program, and doubtless dozens of still-classified military operations; and that's before you get to his hitman days. He knows where the bodies are buried, probably because he shot the guy that buried them. Sorting out the facts from what he remembers would be dicey at best, though.

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Christian Zamora said...

I just realized Falcon, Nightcrawler and Deadpool should be called "Red Team".