Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It might be easier to narrow it down to who couldn't do this. Click to enlarge, anyway.
Man, Ultimatum the comic mini-series could only have been a million times better, if it had been about ULTIMATUM the organization; from Captain America and a few other books from the 80's.

In the original the Prisoner, you never really find out who's responsible for the Village. And there's probably a reason for that, since in the AMC remake, you do find out...which will just disappoint you, no doubt. Even if it was revealed to be the coolest secret society ever, it still wouldn't be that cool, because it won't be the one you imagined, even if you imagined something lame like, I don't know, evolved dinosaurs who were the secret power behind the English empire.

One and maybe a half more Prisoner strips to go, then we'll never bring up the remake again! Which will catch us up to everyone already not talking about it...

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Push him Nightcrawler. You know you want to.