Tuesday, February 09, 2010

This is what Batman calls a "pep talk."

Next time, a get-well card would be fine, Bats.
Think we have a lot of Batman stuff scheduled for posting, but this one is for my reference for an upcoming Question homemade strip. Coming as soon as I get a bloody DCUC Question, which may be arriving the first of never, the way local distribution looks. In my neck of the woods, one Wal-Mart has no DCUC, another is jam-packed full of Power Girls and Foragers, and one has at least four KB-exclusive Cyborgs. How does that happen?

Usually, when I do a homemade strip, I have the figure in hand; or I see it on the shelves and have an idea. But with the Question, there's a lot of ground that could be covered. Need to pick up that Blackest Night issue, too.

Anyway, this page is from Question #2, "Butterfly" Written by Dennis O'Neil, pencils by Denys Cowan, inks by Rick Magyar. In the previous issue, Charles Victor Szasz, a.k.a. Victor Sage, a.k.a the Question, Question Mark, that No-Face guy, etc, takes a beating from Lady Shiva, then a touch-up beating from some thugs, then a shot in the head with an air gun, before being dumped in the river. Shiva fishes him out, but Vic's not in great shape yet, and while bedridden he receives a little visitor. Maybe. It could well be a dream, and I'm not sure if either Batman or Question bring it up when next they meet.

I mentioned not really seeing this page for years, since I saw it first in an article in Comics Scene, probably fifteen years before I got a copy of the issue myself. Well worth the wait.

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