Thursday, May 24, 2012

80-Page Thursdays: Marvel Super-Heroes #10!

I don't know why I like that costume, but it looks good on her, too.
Sixth anniversary or no, we're still going to have our usual 80-pager today. We're just going to do a quick one, though. From Summer 1992, Marvel Super-Heroes #10, featuring stories from Chris Claremont, Bill Mantlo, and Barry Dutter; and art by Mike Mignola, Patrick Archibald, and Mike Vosburg.

We saw part of this issue some time ago: a Vision and Scarlet Witch story with Mike Mignola art. There's also a Namor fill-in issue, with the Rhino working as muscle for a crooked businessman, and a female 'Tigress Shark.' This was set around John Byrne's run on the book, which featured Namor in a suit and fighting Wall Street. Metaphorically. People probably would've been OK with him literally doing that, too.
Sabretooth wasn't anywhere near that strong in his first appearances, so he's really fighting out of his league here.
The big draw of this issue is probably Chris Claremont's unpublished Ms. Marvel #24, guest-starring Iron Man and featuring Carol vs. Sabretooth. This would've been a very early appearance for him--best guess, if published, it may have been his second appearance--and Claremont was already laying the groundwork of his connection to Wolverine. Yeah, Sabretooth only ever became popular on Wolvie's coattails; and it may be odd for some readers to see how lithe he used to be, since he usually appears overly bulked-up nowadays. (Personally, I liked him better when he got fiercely jobbed in Spectacular Spider-Man #116.)

We'll have another post up a little later today. For some reason...

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Dale Bagwell said...

Got this one too. Didn't care for the Namor story because it really does stink of filler material, did like the art and story for The Vision/Scarlet Witch one though. Too bad they couldn't have stayed like that. Oh well. As for the Ms.Marvel one, eh. It's alright, but it has demonstrated how far Sabertooth has evolved both as a character, a major threat, and how far his healing factor's come. Riding on Wolverine's coattails? You damn straight, but he seems to be a better fit as the darker side of wolvie, than dare I say Venom was for Spider-Man.