Monday, May 07, 2012

Taking "straight repaint" off the table as an option.

I was actually looking for this issue, then ended up reading Mark Waid's entire (second) run of Captain America. And the twenty-some issues after it...and some of the Marvel Knights run. This is from 1991's Captain America #386, "For Righteousness's Sake" Written by Mark Gruenwald, pencils by Ron Lim, inks by Danny Bulanadi; and guest-starring USAgent.

Since I was thinking about the possibly forthcoming USAgent action figure, I wanted this panel, to reference the height difference between Cap and USAgent. Oddly, I think Cap is likewise taller than Bucky-Cap, so USAgent must've towered over him, before his current status quo in Thunderbolts. But poor John's status quo seems to be extremely up to the writer. More so than most characters, I mean.

This particular issue, USAgent wants in on Cap's current case, involving the militia group the Watchdogs. An old friend of Cap's and his old girlfriend Bernie are involved, so Cap doesn't want him involved. Especially since he knows the Agent's parents were killed by a Watchdogs group, and John might be a little bloodthirsty in bringing them in. But USAgent plays it a little smarter than usual this time; both planting a bug on Cap's shield, then restraining himself from killing any of the Watchdogs this time. It's a better showing for the Agent than he would usually get in the pages of Captain America: he did not fare well in the issues I mentioned reading above, but we'll take a look at that some other time.

Also this issue: no animals were harmed.

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Dale Bagwell said...

I have this one too. I always wondered how and when exactly U.S.Agent planted that bug on Cap's shield. The comic referenced the training scene as when it happened, but Agent's hand must be quicker than our eyes since I saw no such thing happen. All I say of that particular panel was Agent blocking an incoming spike, so WTF Marvel!?

Did you find it?

Also, love the "no animals were harmed" but, even though they clearly were. Wishful thinking huh Goo?