Friday, May 04, 2012

Between the rain every morning when I get up, and being tied up with some stuff at work, and general blogging issues (which may have resolved themselves, we'll see!) I haven't been overly productive this week. Still, a quick look at some stuff:

It's more than a little disheartening to realize the next DCUC figure I buy could very likely be my last; barring eBay or comic show finds. I picked up Indigo Lantern the Atom yesterday on clearance--I had missed him on sale for $9.99, then bought him a week later marked down to $8.18. Oddly, It's All True said he had great neck articulation, but mine didn't seem to move up at all. Maybe I have to work on it.

The markdown price really sold Ray, even though I like the Atom; since I didn't like the Burning Man Blackest Night look. I would've preferred a straight, Sword of the Atom version, honestly. That and making Ray an avatar of hopefulness after DC crapping on him almost constantly since Identity Crisis, well...EDIT: Wait, Indigo is compassion, isn't it?

My only other toy purchases of late have been bags of these little Avengers chibi toys. They're at Target, $2.99 for a bag of three, with 12 characters blind-packed. Now, the first three bags I got nine different characters, which is great, but now the odds on finding the other three get longer: still need Cap, Loki, and the Hulk. The partial set is now on my monitor at work, mounted with sticky-tak-stuff.

I probably won't see the Avengers movie until next week or so; barring disaster. But I did go see Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance at the cheap theatre last week; having apparently cleared my conscience over any Marvel guilt. It's not bad, better than the first one at any rate, but it was directed by Neveldine and Taylor of the Crank films yet felt like they were restraining themselves somewhat. It felt like they wanted to push things further, go completely balls-out crazy, but didn't. Still, again, not terrible; and it'll be at Redbox or on FX or something for you later. The showing I saw was a Thursday afternoon, the last showing for the movie in town. As I ate my popcorn, I tried to remember the last time I saw a movie at that theatre: X-Men: First Class, likewise a Thurday, last showing. In both cases, the films may have been out on DVD by the time I got around to going to see them...

I guess I did get some reading done this week, though: I found some old copies of Conan the Buccaneer--which I've read a couple of times before, either the novel or the Marvel Savage Sword adaptation--Stormbringer--which I've also read before, but this is an older cover--and the Six Million Dollar Man novel Cyborg 6. I read that one about a dozen times out of the library as a kid: it's really a love letter to the 70's aerospace program, post-Apollo, pre-space shuttle. You know how Green Lantern comics sometimes pay some lip service to test pilots being completely awesome? Cyborg 6 sells it a lot better.


SallyP said...

Wait...test pilots aren't awesome?


I actually loved Ray's look in the Blackest Night books, but that may have been due to Ivan Reis. For some reason, not so much in the action figure.

Dale Bagwell said...

As you know, I too love the BN Ray figure; well that and he's the cheapest and most available version I could find at the moment.

I'm sure if you were into some customizing, you could complete the SOTA stylings that Mattel/4Horsemen started.

Also, know I feel kind of bad, you only paid $8 and some change, where as I paid full price of for him at Target. Oh wells.......