Friday, June 15, 2012

Late: Commissioner Gordon!

It's getting late, I'm half-watching Mothra, and I'm playing with the new Wal-Mart exclusive Mattel Movie Masters Jim Gordon! Oddly, he's not referred to as Commissioner on the packaging, which only just now makes me wonder what his title is at the start of The Dark Knight Rises.

Just knocked out a couple of short ones with the Commish...and I misspelled Commissioner there. Crap. Well, it's late, and I'm sure it won't happen again--

Oh, come on!

Still, Jim comes with a gun, an ax, and an alternate piece for the Collect & Connect Bat-Signal that's shattered; as in the end of the Dark Knight. (Which is cool, although that is kind of a weird scene if you think about it.)

I didn't spring for the previous Prototype-suit Batman/Lt. Jim Gordon two pack, so I'm pretty happy with him. He'll be making some appearances later, no doubt.

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