Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Constantine's Bargain."

As an American, I don't think I should even be allowed to pretend to write Hellblazer. Constantine, maybe. I think I had the idea for this one before I got the figure on eBay; then had to make sure I won one. I didn't read Hellblazer regularly at all; but a friend had the first two or three issues...which came out when I was in high school.

The "Dr. Death" John refers to? None other than the real Dr. Death, Dr. Jack Kevorkian! I honestly forget where I read or saw this--possibly 60 Minutes?--where Kevorkian would, as after-dinner conversation, lead discussion to try and guess the center of consciousness, and he would argue his was based out of his left hand.

The devil in today's strip is 2001's Chaos Comics Dark Alliance Lucifer figure, who still holds up pretty well. Wish I remembered where the cigarettes and the lighter came from, though...

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Dale Bagwell said...

Nice one Goo, very nice;)

That Lucifer figure really does hold up well; For coming out in '01, that's a surprisingly pretty-well articulated figure.

I never heard that one though, so here's to learning something new. I honestly have no idea were my soul is, other than maybe my ass, since I seem to talk out of it a lot;)

And hooray for a Demon appearance; I smell a buddy cop sitcom series from these two.....or that might've been gas from what I had for lunch earlier. Take your pick;)