Monday, March 18, 2013

Today, Kamandi vs. the nine-panel grid.

From 1977, Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth #51, "The Next to the Last Boy on Earth!" Written by Steve Englehart, art by Dick Ayers and Alfredo Alcala.

I've read a little bit of Kamandi only: the adventures of the last human boy on earth after the somewhat unspecified Great Disaster. Ala Planet of the Apes, the animals now can talk and use weapons, and most humans are barely at the level of cavemen. Kamandi was a Jack Kirby creation, but he left the book with issue #40, and the book was cancelled at #59, despite respectable sales and two issues completed.

This month, Kamandi revisits an old friend, Arna, who is now old: her group of humans lived out full lives in five years, and she was nearing the end of hers. Although she had told Kamandi she had lied about using a genetic sampler to create a son with him, Arna tells Kamandi he needs to meet Kamarni. Somewhat understandably, Kamarni is less than enthusiastic about meeting the father he feels left him without guidance and doomed to die inside of five years. Another five-year old, Bruno, had sworn revenge on Kamandi before; and plots to use Kamarni as his weapon. But there's more to the "next to last" boy than Kamandi realizes...

The rate DC's burning through New 52 candidates, I wonder if Kamandi might not have a shot before long.

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