Monday, March 25, 2013

"Durable Good."

So, two Fridays back I mentioned still looking for the Marvel Legends Hyperion. Then I got him that very afternoon, along with Red She-Hulk and Protector, who we'll see later.

All three figures are pretty solid, with a couple little issues. Hyperion's upper cape clasp is a separate piece, that maybe should lie more flush. Protector has great range of motion but the same hands as Fantomex; they aren't great. And I hate his reused guns. Red She-Hulk is amazing looking, but are her hands disproportionately tiny? Minor nitpicks mostly, not deal-breakers.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Re-Shulkie's got a point there;) I'm pretty sure his preferred method of foreplay involves getting worked over like a punching bag and getting a love kick in the dick by hot, muscle-y women. Just ask Zarda, Power Woman or Thundra about that;)