Monday, June 24, 2013

My current shelf--I'm sure I'll knock it over at some point.

When I was a kid, I had a bunk bed, that my dad made for me. It was in the shape of a trolley car: I think he got the pattern from the local newspaper. I never used the top bed much, except on the rare holiday where we had guests; but I loved that bed until I was old enough for another one. Then I got a waterbed, which I also loved dearly, but that's another story.

Years later, when I had kids, my dad brought the disassembled bed up for me, and we put it together for the kids. It would even survive another move, when I got my own apartment; although the kids rarely slept in it after that, preferring to just camp out in the living room in front of the TV. When I moved out of that apartment, I wasn't going to have the room for the bunk bed, nor did my folks think I should save it; so I took it apart for the last time. It did not want to go, either: even after all those years, it held up pretty well, but had a slight smell, possibly water damage.
But, the bunk bed had a ladder; and that I saved. I did chip a chunk off the top of it when I took it off, but I had an idea for it: to keep it for action figures by my desk! I don't usually use a lot of action figure stands, since I like to crowd them into a display; so it's a given I'll knock them all over at some point. I also need to get some bases out for the bottom, to get a few more down there. Still, I'm pretty happy with it, and it's a nice reminder of that bed. Thanks, Dad!

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Dale Bagwell said...

Nice back-story, and pretty touching actually. Glad we get to see a glimpse like that into where the skits come from. I'd love to show off my painfully overcrowded shelves myself, but the lighting in the room is such that even on a clear, bright day, it's still top dark to take any decent pics.

But again, glad you finished the move. Can't wait to see what's next:)