Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Only on my blog will you hear things like "I biked ten miles with a Spider-Car on my back, then the next day walked ten miles for a Superman figure."

Last Saturday was a big local yard sale, so my girlfriend gave me a ride out there, and I biked a good chunk of it. Not a lot of action figures to be seen, and even then some of them were ones I already had! There was a Playskool Millennium Falcon set, which is nice, but already had one for the boys. The Spider-Man and Spider-Car above were from separate sales, but both only a quarter. And could probably stand a dusting...

Then Sunday I wanted to take the dog for a good solid walk, since he's been a bit of a brat lately. And local chain store Fred Meyer had Superman figures 40% off, so I sprung for the Movie Masters Superman.

I'm not overly impressed. My girlfriend pointed out his five o'clock shadow seems to go right over his nose; I'm not sure if it actually does or it's just a trick of the light, but it seems too high. And Supes can't look up! He really should be able to look up for a good flying pose, or the old "Up, up and away!" That should just be a given for a Superman figure; yet I think I'm the only one complaining about that. The texture's nice, though; and he might look good with the other Movie Masters figures; whenever I dig those out.

I do plan on seeing Man of Steel, but I'm worried it's going to fall into the same sort of trap Star Trek Into Darkness did, a little: for both the Superman and Star Trek movie franchises, the second movie was so popular its shadow still lingers over the entire series. And now that both series are rebooting, both homage and/or swipe like crazy from their second film. Hence, the return of both Khan and Zod; which feels somewhat unnecessary to me, even if done well. You've already seen Kirk fight Khan and Superman fight Zod; why do you need to pay another twelve bucks to see it again? Move forward! Ah, we'll see in a couple of days...

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Dale Bagwell said...

Too true brother, too true. They really seem to be running put of original ideas up in Hollywood-land huh?

Cute pics though. Batman labels everything Bat this and that because he's such a control-freak, but Spidey? Idk, maybe he was trying his hand at branding himself in a positive way so he can finally pay for aunt May's prescriptions without having to re-mortgage the house of for what, the 35th time already?

as for he Superman figure, is it me, but with that beard stubble he looks more like that guy from the Rockford Files than anything else.