Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tell me Age of Ultron ends like this...

Even though I enjoy seeing long-time Avengers foe Ultron show up, he's taken some pretty bad defeats in other books, too. You may have seen that time Daredevil beat Ultron with a stick, but what about the time a one-legged Machine Man kicked his ass? From 1982, Marvel Two-in-One #93, "And One Shall Die--!" Written by Tom DeFalco, pencils by Ron Wilson, inks by "D. Hands."

After being encased in adamantium in Avengers #202, it looks like the threat of Ultron is over once and for all. Except, just as he hypnotically pre-programmed Tony Stark to rebuild him in that issue; this time Jocasta is forced to construct a new body for Ultron. Machine Man tries to stop the evil robot, but is woefully outclassed. Worse, Ultron hypnotizes the Thing, and has him attack MM!

Machine Man manages to escape with Jocasta, to try and get repairs from his friend Gears Garvin. He's also pretty obviously smitten with Jocasta already. Meanwhile, Ultron uses the Thing as cheap labor, as he starts work on "an army of Ultrons! Exact duplicates of himself!" Sure, Ultron would probably have a better chance against the Avengers if he took away their numerical advantage; but I don't think Ultron's thought this through entirely. His personality is a bit...grating; and I don't know if he'd be able to boss himself around effectively.

Meanwhile, lacking parts, Machine Man is left with little choice but to face Ultron one-legged. (Well, I guess he could've called...anyone; but says there's no time.) As Gears and Machine Man work through Ultron's traps and fight the hypnotized Thing, Ultron tries to convince his "bride" Jocasta to join him. Somewhat unsurprisingly, she doesn't go for it, and overloads Ultron's cannon in the hopes of taking them both out. Unfortunately, since he's made out of adamantium, he's far more durable, and isn't even scratched; but Jocasta is shattered. Machine Man is enraged, especially when Ultron refers to him as "a gallant knight" who's too late. Still, the explosion shook the Thing out of his hypnosis, and he gets back in the fight.

Ultron talks a lot of smack to the heroes, which proves to be his undoing: Machine Man reaches down his throat, and rips out chunks of his circuitry. Does Ultron's jaw work, or is it purely decorative? I don't think his mouth moves...Dying, Ultron pleads with Machine Man to save him, saying only he could restore Jocasta. Machine Man refuses, knowing Jocasta would have too; and she stayed dead for a good stretch. Even though Mr. Fantastic probably could've rebuilt her over the weekend. (I got that issue with Jocasta's return at the Comicon too, so we might check that one later.)

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Machine Man seriously rocks.