Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's an organization of Ollie's descendants!...a huge organization, then.

It's somewhat unusual for me to look for a comic, and find one I have absolutely no recollection of reading. Like today's book! From 1998 and the 853rd century, Green Arrow #1,000,000, "All Down the Years" Written by Chuck Dixon, pencils by Frank Teran, inks by John Stanisci.

This was set during the time when Oliver Queen was dead and his son Connor Hawke was starring in the book, and the story begins with the meditating Connor stricken with a vision of the future. In said 853rd century, the earth's cities are hidden in space-folding tesseracts, and the surface of the planet has returned to nature; patrolled and protected by the Green Arrows. Many of whom, it turns out, are descendants of Oliver Queen. One such descendant, Hawk, faces another tracing his lineage back to the age of heroes: Groddchild, a cybernetically-enhanced gorilla. Groddchild knows Hawk carries a weapon called the "astral shaft," and to force him to use it, has his henchmen monkeys take his sister Canara hostage. With Hawk in tow, Groddchild heads for a secret warp-portal to the Fortress of Solitude.

While Canara makes her escape, Groddchild's plan almost comes to fruition: Hawk will use the astral shaft on Superman. But not the 853rd century's Superman, the original classic from the twentieth century, who isn't invulnerable to magic! Then, Hawk will control him, and Groddchild will control Hawk. Unfortunately, before Hawk lets the shaft fly, Canara contacts him through the "Worldmind" to let him know she got away, and Hawk shoots Groddchild instead, then forces him to beat himself up. Afterwards, Hawk meets Superman, and asks him about the first two Green Arrows.

Later, at a tribal gathering of the GA's, Hawk tells the others that while none of their ancestors were with the old JLA on this mission--"Not Oliver Queen, nor his sons and daughter"--they could now reach back to their ancestors with their thoughts, giving Connor this vision. And incidentally, tipping him off that his father was still alive. Actually, Connor jumps to that conclusion, since classic Ollie was a complete man-slut and very easily could've had multiple kids he didn't even know about, like Connor, for instance. And the vision mentions Connor's kids for good measure, which seemed out of character since he lived like a monk, but he probably was his father's son.


Dale Bagwell said...

Wow, this one actually seems like one of the better DC 1,000,000 tie-ins they but out back then. Plus, Chuck Dixon really knows how to write GA. Damn I wish he was back, as well as the classic DC Universe in general.

SallyP said...

Oh My God.

This incidentally sounds unintentionally hilarious.