Thursday, November 07, 2013

"Some talcum powder may help with that. Or not."

Pick up a Batman comic, and the vast majority of the time Batman wears his mask like he needs it to breathe. In action, in the Batcave, out for brunch, whatever. Watch a Batman cartoon, and he may take it off sparingly--I think he took it off all of once in the entire run of the Brave and the Bold cartoon. But in a Batman movie, he might take his mask off for half the movie, whether by being forcibly unmasked or taking it off himself--his unmasking in Batman Returns is my least favorite of all time, since Keaton has to tear the plastic-vinyl-latex of that cowl apart to get out of it.

Of course, Batman does seem to keep his mask on far more than Spider-Man, Green Lantern, Captain America, and a ton of other heroes; at least in the movies. Maybe. Look, when an actor is involved, one of those masks gets knocked off like the skinny kid's glasses in gym class.

Which is another reason to watch, if you haven't already, the 2012 Dredd movie: Karl Urban keeps Judge Dredd's helmet firmly in place the whole time, exactly as he should! No "dramatic" unmasking for him.

Anyway, I picked up that Toys R Us exclusive Dark Knight Trilogy three Movie Masters Batman set; since I got a deal on a damaged package. However, someone stole one of the bases, and the unmasked Batman's bat-mask accessory; which I didn't even realize was supposed to come with him! Eh, I just wanted the unmasked Christian Bale Bats, but he does have a bit of grey in his hair, that seems more pronounced in the pictures here. Still, worth the twenty the set ran me, so a win.

Oh, and that brings us to ten Batmen for the year...


SallyP said...

I've always assumed that Bat's Mask is the equivalent of a blankie.

Dale Bagwell said...

Or snuggie. Damn that movie Batman is rocking the gray. Methinks some Just for Bat-Men is in order;)