Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"The End" Week: the All-New Batman: the Brave and the Bold #16!

I wasn't expecting to get ten Batman figures this year, nor was I expecting six Batman last issues. Like this one! From 2012, the All-New Batman: the Brave and the Bold #16, "Love at First Mite" Written by Sholly Fisch, pencils by Rick Burchett, inks by Dan Davis. This was the second tie-in series for the 2008-2011 animated series, although I don't know why the previous series ended. Except maybe to get another #1, I suppose.

This issue opens with Batman fighting the Mad Mod (of Teen Titans occasional fame, having appeared in the cartoon) and his men, who try to steal some of Batman's specialized uniforms from a display. Batman of course had fail-safes in place for that, but Bat-Mite calls that a "Cheat!" He disables Batman's remote, so he'll have to beat the bad guys up the old-fashioned way; but the extra-dimensional imp is surprised--and smitten--by the sudden entrance of Batgirl.

Batgirl is amused, but not sold on a "team-up," or whatever. Bat-Mite points out, as a super-heroine, Batgirl would probably end up "marrying an alien monster or being Lex Luthor's gun moll or something." He also keeps bringing in super-villains, like the Music Meister and Mister Polka-Dot, as "everything's better with super-villains." Batgirl lets him down gently, though; suggesting there may be another girl out there for him, someone smiley and magical...

The issue ends with a page of Bat-Mite lamenting the end of the series, but Batman points out he still has his old issues, and can read them whenever he wants. Good advice. Of course, this was another cancellation because the tie-in animated series was ending; the current Batman cartoon and tie-in comic is Beware the Batman, which I haven't seen or read yet...

Tomorrow: a blistering hangover The Eighth Annual Year in Toys! It's a big one!

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