Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I was about to go scrambling for Pope's next issue, too.

It always strikes me that Marvel somehow could never get continuity-light (or out of continuity) Spider-Man stories going for any length of time, when DC does it all the time with Batman. And then I wonder why I didn't get all of Spider-Man's Tangled Web. Like this issue! From 2002, Spider-Man's Tangled Web #15, "The Collaborator" Story and art by Paul Pope.

In an unassuming garage, a would-be super-villain is putting the finishing touches on his armor, when he comes home to find his young daughter jumping on the bed with her Spider-Man poster. Enraged, he tears it down; but after he's gone the girl tapes it back up, then hears a news report of a new villain calling himself "Stag Beetle" and hitting a bank near her. She bikes down to try to get a glimpse of the baddie, and gets behind the scenes at the bank. When Spidey arrives, she points him in the direction of the fleeing baddie, only to realize afterwards she had seen the Stag Beetle's Jets duffle bag before...!

I always forget how freakish and inhuman Spidey can seem, but it shows through in stories where he doesn't talk, like this one. The ending made me think there was another part to this one, but per the GCD, I guess not.


Dale Bagwell said...

Never knew about this one, but wow.
Spidey hasn't looked this spider-y since Ditko.

Eric Stettmeier said...

Pope on Spider-Man - wow, I need to track this one down myself!