Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Still have seen only the barest hint of restock out here--a few more Captain America's, but little else. It doesn't necessarily seem like a Marvel problem exclusively, though; everything seems a little bare. Not sure why.

In other news, the Youngest was dead set on going skating the other day, because he saw a poster at school about it. He was kinda worked up, but I'm not positive he knows how to skate or has been before. I'm taking him this afternoon, unless I can somehow convince him to go bowling instead. Hopefully, some fun somewhere...

(EDIT: Ugh, I count two typos in today's strip. They're going to bug me until I fix them...)

(EDIT AGAIN: There, fixed! Back to the levels of professionalism you expect from this nonsense...)


Dale Bagwell said...

It'll be sad one day, if the "Batman/Catwoman thing" becomes the normal standard for a healthy, albeit sexual relationship. Oh those crazy kids and their sexual habits;)

Another outstanding 'Pool/Kurt/Satana/skit.

SallyP said...

Why those two wild and crazy kids! Oh, and Deadpool and Black Cat too.