Monday, January 27, 2014

Some Kreons and some pictures!

I found the third series of Transformers Kre-O Micro-Changers blind-bags at Target for $1.50 each, and bought a few. Not all of them, but enough for a little pile. Still a bit of fun. They seemed to sell out, at least at one location, pretty quickly; and I'm still waiting for "Collection 4" with Rodimus and Cyclonus.

The best part of little figures like this, is that you can do things like build a small army of something like Sharkticons, that would be prohibitively expensive in a larger scale.

I also picked up "Gundam-face" there, Bravenwolf from Ionix's Tenkai Knights. The interesting thing about these little mini-figures, was that they could transform into a Lego-compatible 2X4 block. Why? Um...well, it's still kinda cool.


Dale Bagwell said...

Ha! Cute. I gotta' party with that Beachcomber guy though......just not when its too close to that random drug testing time though. No help that at all from that guy;)

SallyP said...

All in all he's just another brick in the wall I guess.