Thursday, January 30, 2014

Somewhat more cheesecake than I remembered, but it was a popular book...

Even though the Legion of Super-Heroes currently lacks a book at DC, it was one of their most popular books more than a couple of times. Today's book was from the quarter-bin, but was an important issue at the time, 1986: Legion of Super-Heroes #25, "Revelation" Written by Paul Levitz, art by Greg LaRocque and Mike DeCarlo.

A number of plot threads were coming together this issue: the Emerald Empress was completing her new Fatal Five, with old member Persuader and new hires Caress and Flare...and a mystery member. Brainiac 5 was leading a squad of Legionnaires on the trail of the mysterious Sensor Girl, a masked Legionnaire with unknown powers and motivations. Although she had proved herself more than once, and a masked Legionnaire wasn't without precedent, the team was becoming divided, unsure whether they could trust her, so she quit. But even that was questionable, as some worried she would go renegade. Ultra Boy admits he used his penetra-vision on her (a step up from x-ray vision) and saw only an empty costume.

At the graveyard asteroid Shanghalla, former Fatal Five member Manos attacks, trying to kill a Legionnaire as his "bones," his ticket back to the team. But the trail of Sensor Girl completely disappears, even to the tracker Dawnstar, which may be the final clue Brainiac 5 needed. As another batch of heroes, including Dream Girl and Colossal Boy, face the Fatal Five; Element Lad asks Saturn Girl why she vouched for Sensor Girl at her tryout. Saturn Girl stands by her recommendation, since Sensor Girl "was already a Legionnaire."

Sensor Girl had first appeared not even a year prior, in Legion of Super-Heroes #14, so they didn't keep you in suspense overly long. And the answer made perfect sense, even if you had been a long-term fan or had only been reading the series since the more recent #1 or so.

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