Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Don't call him bionic...

In a bit of fun, the Kre-O G.I. Joe blind-bags have included callbacks to the 12-inch Adventure Team figures. The first series included the Adventure Team Commander, which I don't have. But as you see above, the second series had the Land Adventurer (who comes with a "boxed figure") and the third has Mike Power, the Atomic Man!

In-story, Mike was a handicapped man who "wouldn't settle for the disabled limbs (he) was born with," so he built his own bionic atomic replacements. Oddly, in the ad that was in a ton of comics, he seems to have both arms but replaces one of them! Actually, Mike was the result of Hasbro trying and failing to secure the rights to the then-hugely popular Six Million Dollar Man! Hasbro created the similar Mike Powers and sold a million of 'em! I might've had a Joe or two as a kid, but I know I had the Steve Austin figure.

Mike also had a personal helicopter thing, that for the Kre-O version looks like an engine block with a rotor mounted on it. It was apparently powered by Mike's internal atomic power. It reminds me of the umbrella-copters the Penguin would sometimes use to escape Batman, and seems about as practical. Now, Cobra's jet-pack troopers seem plausible in comparison!

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Dale Bagwell said...

Cute pics man. So Mike Powers was a knock-off Steve Austin huh?

Man that's funny.