Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Future's Mend."

Eight years running, and no one's traveled back in time to stop me yet. So we'll probably keep going a while longer.

I'm looking forward to seeing X-Men: Days of Futures Past this weekend, although I thought I remembered Claremont or Byrne saying they regretted that story for the damage it did: instead of learning from the example of a tight, two-issue story; other creators followed the example of a seemingly inescapable horrible future and to kill off characters whenever possible for the sales boost. I don't think DC's the New 52: Futures End is bringing anything new to the table. In fact, the "Batman builds Brother Eye, and is pretty much responsible for the OMAC's killing a ton of people" plot was done a few years before the reboot, sometime after Identity Crisis, and it was just awful then.

First time I've had my DC figures out for a bit, then. I would've had this done earlier, but it took me forever to find the DC Direct Batman Beyond figure--which is a little oversized for use with DCUC, but I still like it. Makes him seem tougher.


Dale Bagwell said...

Oh hells yeah! Very nice one here dude. Musta killed you to make it so long. Yeah, that's what she said;)

Love the skit, and so very true right? I doubt Future's Ends ends anything, but maybe another reboot/Crisis?

Superman's poor ears:0

SallyP said...

Googum, this just may be one of the very best ones that you have ever done. perfect.