Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm watching "The Earth Dies Screaming" on YouTube as I start this post--kind of a crummy day today, so I needed a little boost to get started.

First up, some pictures of our unseen monster from the other day, from Prometheus and NECA, the Trilobite!

I'm not sure where the Trilobite's...ovipositor got to. Which is terrifying.

Next, the Spokane Comicon is tomorrow! It's not a big show, but I'm not one to jump up and down for meeting celebrities or anything. I just want a metric ton of quarter books and maybe a figure or two. (The first year I tried and failed to get to this con, they had Margot Kidder as a guest...and I don't think it was tons of fun for anyone involved.) I should be looking into what books I need to be looking for, but let's face facts: I'm not that organized. Or that anal. Mint condition collectors items aren't necessarily what I'm digging for, just as much reading as I can get.

On the other hand, I should maybe make an effort to avoid buying anything I know I already have, but don't have handy. But there's other books like Hulk #300--do I have that somewhere? Or have I just seen it online? I usually have a pretty good inventory in my head, but that one seems to be slipping my mind. And of course, if I stumbled across a copy of it under a couple bucks, I'd probably end up grabbing it. (I was thinking of that one since I picked up another Marvel double-sized issue, packed with guest-stars, that I thought had a similar cover. I may be wrong on that, though...)


SallyP said...

Good God, that thing is terrifying! Good for Deadpool!

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Whoa. Well now that I know where the tentacle penis came from, I'm slightly relieved. Notice I said slightly.

Hope you have a damn good time @ he con. I'm not one for flocking to see old washed up tv/movie vets either. I'd be hitting up the the figures and the back bins thank you very much;)