Monday, July 14, 2014

A couple of recent pickups: first, for someone who doesn't actually play the game, I still have a fair amount of Heroclix. Especially since I'll usually try to cough up for a Nightcrawler one. This one wasn't as spendy as some: there's a recent one with Excalibur that looks great but too much for me. This one's headed for my desk at work.

Since my dad doesn't read this (I don't think...) I can tell you I got him NECA's Lone Ranger and Tonto figures. (Not the super-deluxe Hot Toys Tonto Michael Crawford just reviewed!) They ran me five bucks each with coupons, and Dad's a big fan--he loved the movie! Yeah, he's the one! I'd heard there was a bit too much Johnny Depp being weird for Johnny Depp's sake, but Dad apparently worked through that.

Anyway, then I went back later and they were marked down some more, but I ended up with the unmasked Lone Ranger (which would just be some guy, then...) and Tonto with a bird cage. Why does Tonto have a bird cage? I guess I won't know 'til I see the movie, but I saved that one and the masked Ranger for Dad, and these two for me. The merits of the movie notwithstanding, they are sharp looking figures. Need to go back and get Dad the Blu-Ray now...

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Dale Bagwell said...

I still have yet to watch that one, but I'm in no rush, especially from what I've heard about Depp.

Decent enough looking figures though. I believe you paid what they should've cost considering their obvious limitations.