Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Bendis took over writing the Guardians of the Galaxy comic, and I want to say he started writing Rocket Raccoon as...a little more violent, than the previous versions of gunslinging space varmint had been? Apparently, Bendis writes RR as if Jason Stratham was doing the voice, and "BLAM! Murdered you!" is his current catchphrase. Which sounds like something fifteen-year-olds playing Xbox Live would yell at each other, except nicer.

Anyway, since I hadn't read the new Rocket Raccoon #1 yet, we went with Bendis's version here, and used Rocket as a somewhat horrible little monster.


Dale Bagwell said...

Another funny-ass chapter in this romping epic. So dead on about the cutesy space slang. It really is pretty damn silly if you think about it.

Didn't know you had a J'emm action figure too!

I've gotten a couple issues of the new guardians series. It's not bad, but I'm pretty sure the previous one by Abnnet and Lanning was better though.

Man, you keep making me seriously reconsider buying that lone AIM figure @ my local K-Mart.....

SallyP said...

I would SO much rather be reading your version than Mr. Bendis's.

This is...magnificent.

Susan said...

So, only Rocket is allowed to talk about Groot's ugly momma?

Brilliant work, as always. :)