Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Hit It Off."

Over at the Fwoosh's forum discussing Guardians of the Galaxy figures, an enterprising poster under the name Noodlechow posted a Rocket Raccoon figure modified with better joints. It looks pretty cool, although you do need a few donor figures to hack up for parts!

Also, I'm pretty sure that like an American tourist, Groot just repeats things louder and with more inflection, because he secretly thinks everyone should speak his language and that's how to get through to foreign types. "Donde esta la biblioteca?" "!"

Today Deadpool's guns are from an Imaginext Robot figure I have two of; while Rocket's is from the Nightcrawler X-Men Water Wars figure! We looked at the figure some time back, so, um, pretend I showed his squirt crossbow thing there, then.


Dale Bagwell said...

I used to have that same Nightcrawler figure myself. Man, was there world cup fever in the air then too back thewhen they gave Kurt that hairdo? Fuck. I did get the sentinel figure in that same line. He was cool as hell. Wish I'd kept him.

There should definitely be a follow up on earth to this.
I prefer the classic or recent look for a Starlord figure, but the movie version's growing on me for now.

Good, good funny chapter this week buddy:)

SallyP said...

That is one mouthy little racoon. And your explanation for Groot's increased volumn speaks...well...volumns!